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Upper West Side Dance Classes

Upper West Side Dance Classes

There are few things that breathe life into you the way a dance class does. And lucky for you the Upper West Side is rife with dance studios. There are classes for everyone. It just depends on what kind of music you want to shake your tail feathers to.

So here’s a sampling of what the Upper West Side has on deck for aspiring dance students:

Steps On Broadway has something for everyone, no matter your level or experience. There are classes of all styles offered at all different times. Chances are that you can make something work with your schedule.

Manhattan Movement and Arts Center is on the lower border of the Upper West Side, at 248 W 60th St. If you’re looking for introductory ballet classes for your first-born daughter, MMAC might be worth checking out. The 2013 Fall Schedule has just been posted for the MMAC kids classes. Options are both varied and affordable.

Ailey Extension is an active option for the fitness-focused dancer. But just because they offer Zoomba, Pilates and Yoga, doesn’t mean they don’t offer jazz and ballet too. If you’re looking for a vibrant community to express yourself alongside, Ailey might just be for you. Check out their incredibly active Facebook page for specials and new offers!

Now you might get mad about this next one, because technically it’s in Midtown West. But M Dance & Fitness Studio is still a very viable option for all but the most Northerly Upper West Siders. This adult focused dance studio has an incredibly wide breadth of classes. And owner/instructor Misty Clark gets rave reviews from her students.

Each of the options above have informative websites and extensives review on Yelp, so if there’s something particular you’re looking for, I advise you to dig a little deeper.

But this should be a good jumping off point. And you’ll be tap dancing your way around Manhattan in no time. So I’ve got to know…

Where do you like to get your dance on?

Represent your studio by letting us know in the comments below!

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