UWS Neighbors Sing Through Courtyard Windows

Last night, a group of neighbors at a building on West 111th Street began singing together through their courtyard windows. The videos below were recorded by Gretchen Connelie, who lives in the building.

“These are my amazing neighbors on the 111th block. It’s tough to hear but there’s also a violin downstairs.”

Gretchen told us, “I was actually wondering how many people were left in these buildings because my side has a fair number of grad students who left but the building next door (where the woman is playing guitar) seems to be more older people who have lived here for years.”

She took the videos from her couch; typically, this view only consists of a bunch of blacked out windows. She initially didn’t hear anything, but when she saw lights begin to turn on, she started noticing what was happening.

“The woman with the guitar and the other gentleman in the adjoining apartment appear to have planned it.  Others joined in above and below but i couldn’t get them on video. There was even a violin and a horn at some point.”

“After a few songs, we started chatting, asking if everyone is okay or if people need anything. I’m younger than most of them and can still get to the store. Everyone was doing great and in fine spirits. I’m excited for this to keep going and especially now that all of my work has disappeared (I’m a freelancer), I’m happy to have something on my schedule to look forward to.”


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