15 Central Park West Still Most Expensive NYC Building

  Last modified on March 16th, 2023

15 Central Park West is still the most expensive NYC building, according to the City Realty 100. This distinction is based on the average price per square foot, which, if you want to buy an Upper West Side apartment here, will be a whopping $6,045. City Realty’s list is an index of the top 100 condos in NYC, which are determined by several factors including sales history and their subjective ratings.  Read on to find the 22 additional Upper West Side buildings on the list!

Upper West Side buildings on the City Realty 100:

15 Central Park West (61st and 62nd)   Recommended: Lovely Lobbies and Stunning Interiors

1 Central Park West (59th)

The Laureate – 2150 Broadway (77th)

The Apthorp – 2211 Broadway (79th)   Recommended: 5 Historic Buildings on the Upper West Side

The Park Belvedere – 101 West 79th Street 

The Aldyn – 60 Riverside Boulevard (62nd and 63rd)

Park Millennium – 101 West 67th Street   Recommended: Tallest Buildings on the UWS

279 Central Park West (88th and 89th)

One West End (59th and 60th)   Recommended: Bruce Willis Buys Apartment at One West End

One Riverside Park – 50 Riverside Boulevard (59th)

Linden 78 – 230 West 78th Street

The Mandarin Oriental – 80 Columbus Circle   Recommended: Coolest Modern Buildings

3 Lincoln Center – 160 West 66th Street

The Heritage – 240 Riverside Boulevard (70th)

The Century – 25 Central Park West (63rd)   Recommended: Central Park West 

The Grand Millennium – 1965 Broadway (66th and 67th)

The Olcott – 27 West 72nd Street 

Millenium Tower – 101 West 67th Street   Recommended: Most Expensive Buildings on the UWS

Apple Bank Building – 2100 Broadway (73rd and 74th)

The Rushmore – 80 Riverside Boulevard (63rd and 64th)

One Lincoln Square – 20 West 64th Street

The Harrison – 205 West 76th Street

Time Warner Center – 10 Columbus Circle 

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15 Central Park West Still Most Expensive NYC Building

15 Central Park West

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