15 of the Most Instagrammable Foods on the Upper West Side

Every now and then on Instagram, we encounter a jaw-dropping, earth-shattering, heart-fluttering food photo that makes us stop mid-scroll and drool all over our phones. There are certain restaurants on the Upper West Side that serve up such beautiful food creations, that they must be documented and remembered forever. This list features the most Instagrammable foods on the Upper West Side. The best food from the best side of town.


Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie at Levain Bakery

Instagrammable Foods on the Upper West Side

Photo credit: @a.phinney

This is what dreams are made of. The Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie is the signature cookie of Levain Bakery, and one of the most coveted desserts of NYC. It has the perfect amount of crispiness on the outside with thick and gooey deliciousness on the inside. It’s beyond mouthwatering, right? It’s also loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips and chunks of walnuts. This bad boy is only $4. Go get yours from either of the bakery’s UWS locations – 351 Amsterdam Avenue or 167 West 74th Street.


Brunch Poutine at 5 Napkin Burger

Instagrammable Foods on the Upper West Side

Photo credit: @feedyourgirlfriend

This is brunch reinvented. 5 Napkin Burger at 2315 Broadway is a classic burger joint, with a twist. Their brunch menu features tons of Insta-worthy gems, like this Brunch Poutine. It features crinkle cut fries, crispy cheese curds, poached cage-free eggs, smoked brisket gravy, chipotle hollandaise, pickled onions, and pecorino. Drooling yet? Go get yours this weekend!


Banana Pancakes at Marlow Bistro

Instagrammable Foods on the Upper West Side

Photo credit: @tooomuchfoood

This one’s for all the Nutella fans out there. These classic Banana Pancakes from Marlow Bistro are made with fresh bananas and a sweet Nutella sauce. Marlow Bistro is known for famed chef Zivko Radojcic who combines Mediterranean roots with a European sensibility. For only $14 you can indulge in these delicious Banana Pancakes (and snap a pic while you’re at it). Marlow Bistro is located at 1018 Amsterdam Avenue.


Double Decker Egg & Avocado Sandwich at Pier 72 Cafe

Instagrammable Foods on the Upper West Side

Photo credit: @bookofeats

We had to include an avocado dish on here, because eeeverybody loves avocado! Pier 72 Cafe, at 270 W 72nd Street, is a warm and inviting diner with tons of classic comfort food on their menu. If you’re in the mood for a creamy egg and avocado sandwich, this double decker one will do the trick. Plus, avocado is a definite crowd pleaser, so you’re going to want to share this one on Instagram.


Mac & Cheese at The Smith Restaurant

Instagrammable Foods NYC

Photo credit: @obenj27

Anything you can capture mid-melt is Instagram worthy. This Mac & Cheese from The Smith Restaurant is skillet roasted, giving it extra heat and crispiness around the edges, all the while maintaining its ooey-gooey center. It’s the perfect meal to share with friends at brunch, for $15. Hurry over to 1900 Broadway at 63rd Street.


Chicken Pepperoni Parmigiana Pizza at Cafe Fiorello

Instagrammable Foods NYC

Photo credit: @markscottpr

Love at first bite. The Chicken Pepperoni Parmigiana Pizza from Cafe Fiorello is just as flavorful as it is photogenic. Chef de Oliveira brings twenty years of experience from top European kitchens right to the Upper West Side. How lucky are we? Grab this masterpiece for lunch or dinner for $24 at 1900 Broadway.


Maple Bacon Bourbon Doughnut at Sugar Factory

Instagrammable Foods NYC

Photo credit: @robboe

Whoever thought of combining bacon and doughnuts is a pure genius. The Maple Bacon Bourbon Doughnut from the Sugar Factory at 1991 Broadway is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. It’s guaranteed to get a bunch of likes on Instagram. We’ll let you in on a little secret. Anything from the Sugar Factory menu is Insta-worthy, like their Insane Milkshakes!


Chicken Salad at Nanoosh

Best Food Upper West Side NYC

Photo credit: @bookofeats

This salad is all kinds of amazing. It’s from Nanoosh at 2012 Broadway. It features fresh, organic mixed greens topped with all natural marinated chicken (served warm…mmm), hot giardiniera, tahini, and last but not least, falafel. It truly is the perfect salad to capture and share on Instagram.


Giant Pretzel at Prohibition NYC

Best Food Upper West Side NYC

Photo credit: @prohibitionnyc

The bigger the better, right? Impress all of your Instagram friends and followers with a photo of this gigantic pretzel from Prohibition. It comes with a variety of dips, so every bite is different and delicious. The plus to dining at Prohibition NYC? It’s also a live music bar. Visit today at 503 Columbus Avenue.


Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream at Emack & Bolio’s

Best Food Upper West Side NYC

Photo credit: @bigfoodbig

This cone from Emack & Bolio’s features peanut butter oreo ice cream in a Reese’s Puffs cereal-dipped waffle cone. Trust us, it tastes as good as it looks. Emack & Bolio’s has a whole range of wacky and unique ice cream creations. Head over to 389 Amsterdam Avenue to try them out.


Salmon Tapioca Crepe at TAP NYC

Best Food Upper West Side NYC

Photo credit: @bookofeats

Regular sushi is great, but not that Instagrammable. But when you put sushi in a crispy tapioca crepe, that’s a different story. Head over to TAP NYC for a fresh salmon tapioca crepe with onions, tomatoes and capers. It’s a delicious (and healthier) alternative to lox on a bagel. TAP NYC is located at 267 Columbus Avenue.


Rainbow Cake at Bouchon Bakery & Cafe

Best Food Upper West Side NYC

Photo credit: @christinadun

Rainbow cake is way better than regular cake. This Rainbow Cake from Bouchon Bakery & Cafe is made of 7 layers of cake – one for each color of the rainbow, naturally. Raspberry and apricot jam alternate between layers, making every bite so, so sweet. A glossy layer of chocolate is poured on top and it’s finished off with a sprinkle of colorful “disco” dust. This is guaranteed to be a big hit on Instagram!


Veggie Burger at Amsterdam Ale House

Best Food Upper West Side NYC

Photo credit: @foodiefashion

Lettuce turnip the beet with a dish for our vegetarian friends. This incredible Veggie Burger from Amsterdam Ale House is made with ground chickpeas and garnished with sriracha tahini, tomatoes, and pickles. It’s served on a grilled english muffin (yum!). You can get your hands on this bad boy for only $12.95. Amsterdam Ale House is located at 340 Amsterdam Avenue.


Mexican Grilled Corn at Playa Betty’s

Best Food Upper West Side NYC

Photo credit: @theskinny_nyc

Corn has never been this good. This mexican grilled corn on the cob from Playa Betty’s is served with chili aioli, lime juice, and cotija cheese. Pick up a couple cobs for you and friend for just $6. Anything from Playa Betty’s California-style menu is so Insta-worthy. An honourable mention is the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich ($8). You can find Playa Betty’s at 320 Amsterdam Avenue.


Lobster Roll at The Mermaid Inn

Best Food Upper West Side NYC

Photo credit: @moodyfoodyadventures

You can never go wrong with a good ol’ lobster roll. This “Nearly Famous” Lobster Roll is from The Mermaid Inn’s brunch menu. Just look at it. That is sure to get everyone’s taste buds tingling on Instagram. It features creamy, thick lobster chunks on a grilled brioche bun, served with old bay fries. Visit 570 Amsterdam Avenue to try it.


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