2017 Margaret Mead Film Festival

2017 Margaret Mead Film Festival

2017 Margaret Mead Film Festival: at the American Museum of Natural History 

October 19th to October 22nd 

The Margaret Mead Film Festival introduces audiences to a wide variety of cultures. The films presented highlight our ever evolving and rapidly changing world. They aim to broaden one’s horizons and to help understand what it means to live in a truly diverse world. Besides film screenings, the festival also hosts debates, art installations, exhibits, and seminars. Tickets will be available beginning on September 7th.

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Margaret Mead and “Activate”

Over 40 selected films will be presented at this year’s festival. Many of them will also be making their Stateside premiere. The film festival is named after the iconic anthropologist who jumpstarted the American sexual revolution during the 1960s. Margaret Mead also worked at the museum for over half a century as a curator. This festival is dedicated to a woman who’s curiosity towards other cultures propelled the world forward.

This year’s festival takes on the theme of “Activate”. This stands for going outside your self-imposed comfort zones and venturing out into the unknown. It also symbolizes the courage required to be proactive during uncertain times like the ones we’re currently experiencing. To active yourself means to take the action necessary to provide a better tomorrow for the coming generations.

Margaret Mead Film Festival

About the Festival

The Margaret Mead Film Festival excels at tackling issues that aren’t widely discussed in the mainstream media. The films shown spark conversations that can also turn into widespread movements. More than anything, it’s designed to be an interactive and also engaging experience between filmmakers and audiences.

The Margaret Mead Film Festival was the first to ever screen the revolutionary documentary “Paris is Burning”. It has also showcased films that have gone on to win the Oscar Award for Best Documentary. For example, “The Blood of Yingzhou District” took home the coveted statue in 2006. The festival was founded in 1977 and is also the longest running event of its kind. It continues to attract the best and boldest filmmakers in the industry.

Read on to check out some of most anticipated screenings from this year’s program!

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