2020 Timelapse Video of Central Park

Upper West Sider Darren Urquhart has created a timelapse video of Central Park, capturing an image for every day of 2020.

“Living on Central Park West on the UWS, I am lucky enough to have an unobstructed view of the park,” Urquhart told us, so he set up a camera in his living room to capture a picture every 60 seconds.

“It didn’t always go smoothly. Dodgy WiFi, a few nudges to the camera and a power outage in August were just some of the issues.”

While 2020 was a rough year, Urquhart wanted to show that the “planet keeps spinning and there’s a whole world out there to feel positive about.”

He created both a 1 minute video (with one image per day) and a 10 minute video (with more detailed days).

Here’s the 1 minute video:

And the 10 minute video:

Darren Urquhart is a Group Creative Director, working in the advertising industry with his creative partner, Tom Smith, in New York. www.ideasbyus.com.

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