3 Winning Lotto Tickets Bought from UWS Store

Three winning New York Lottery tickets were recently purchased at Lucky Choice Convenience at 118 West 72nd Street, several media outlets report.

Wednesday evening’s $8.3 million jackpot will be split three ways, with each winner getting $2.76 million before taxes.

The three tickets purchased at the Upper West Side store were the only ones to match all six winning numbers: 05, 10, 14, 20, 23 and 28.

A store employee told the New York Post “that he had no idea who had bought the tickets, nor when they were purchased.” It’s also unclear if the three tickets were purchased by the same group of people or if it’s just a coincidence that all three were purchased from the same store.

In an interview with Fox, the store’s owner said “I feel very good. I’m happy my customers win big checks for almost $8 million, so I’m happy, very happy.”

The odds of getting all six numbers is 1 in 45,057,474, according to the New York Lottery.

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