4 Reasons to Move to the Upper West Side

  Last modified on April 14th, 2021

Let me just start out by saying that New York City has it all.  That we can agree on.  But when it comes down to neighborhoods, the Upper West Side (UWS) really has the edge over its neighbor across Central Park, and for a variety of reasons.  Read on for just a few reasons to move to the Upper West Side …

Here are the top reasons to move to the Upper West Side


1.The Upper West Side has the best bakery.  And now it has 2 locations!

Levain Bakery, at 167 West 74th Street and 351 Amsterdam Ave.

Reasons to Move to the Upper West Side

According to Buzzfeed.com and TheInfatuation.com, this is THE best bakery in NYC.  One quote said that “this is the place where that dream can become a reality.”  It’s chocolate chip cookie is the most notorious one out there.  Plus, the owners, from one review, “donate unsold goods to charity.”  That alone makes me love it.


2.The Upper West Side has the coolest theatre.

The Beacon Theatre, Broadway (betw. West 74th and 75th Streets)

the Upper West Side

This world-class venue has hosted the tops in the music fields, like The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Queen, and its line-up is still first class.  I mean, hey, Blondie is playing there this summer.  It’s been there since 1929, and is actually on the National Register of Historic Places.

3.The Upper West Side has an even cooler entertainment complex.

upper west side

Oh, but if ballet and opera is your thing, then you’ve got Lincoln Center, at Columbus and West 62nd (16-acre complex of facilities that spans 5 city blocks and sits between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.)

Even Lincoln Center, which hosts thousands of events each year, calls the UWS “vibrant.”   And they would know “vibrant” when they see it.


4. The Upper West Side has the most excellent name for a coffee-shop. Plus, the best coffee, to boot.


Sensuous Bean. West 70th (off Columbus)

What I really like about this place, and what the customers continue to say about this 30 year old neighborhood treasure, is that a visit there is a learning experience.

the UWS

You can find out a lot about coffee and tea, like how to store coffee versus tea, and the difference between high and low acidic coffee.  Plus, you know what one reviewer said, “The smell alone deserves 5 stars…”

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