68th Street Fruit Guy Gets Social

Do you have a favorite fruit stand on the UWS? Well imagine being able to chat with your fruit guy on Instagram! John, who works at the very popular stand on 68th and Columbus Ave, started an Instagram page so that he can alert his clients about his offerings!

John says this is the only account of its kind and is very excited to be on Instagram.

Wondering what the daily selection looks like? John posts regular updates so you can always be in the loop. And just to reiterate: he delivers! Right now delivery is only offered from 7-8 pm, but John is hoping to expand the service to all day.

John loves the UWS. When I asked him what his favorite thing about the neighborhood was, he jokingly said his stand. But he loves the neighborhood. And his neighbors! He has worked at other stands in NYC for the past 1.5 years. He likes to get to know people and looks forward to more of his clients following him online.

John said it’s the quality of the people and neighborhood that make his job so enjoyable. He doesn’t even have one bad thing to say about the UWS. He’s such a positive person!

Some people have told John he’s crazy for starting an Instagram page for the fruit stand. But he says, “No way, it’s business!” It’s the perfect idea, he says. He looks forward to hearing from you to take orders for pick up and delivery!

Make sure to follow John and the 68th Street/Columbus Ave fruit stand at @fruitguy_new_york!

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Sara Lewin Lebwohl

Sara Lewin Lebwohl

Sara has lived in many neighborhoods around NYC including Little Italy, Union Square, the Village, and Flatiron, but she and her husband Zach now call the Upper West Side home. Sara is a mom to Halle Bella (toddler) and Prince (a very fluffy Australian labradoodle). The three of them can often be seen around the Upper West Side trying out kids classes, going to the parks and museums, and taking pictures for Prince’s instagram page which you can follow here: @prince_in_the_city

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