71st Street Townhouse Topper

  Last modified on August 3rd, 2018

New York YIMBY has reported that an Upper West Side townhouse, located at 250 West 71st Street, has filed a proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Committee for an upgrade.  The architecture firm is aiming to build a sloping structure on top of the current building. The purpose of  having it “slope” is to ensure the structure won’t be noticeable from street level, as locals are frequently opposed to this kind of change.

They also want to add two terraces and an elevator to connect all four floors. The building currently has four apartments, but this new design would turn it into a single family home.

A few nearby brownstones have also expanded vertically, with glass structures connected to the rooftops of buildings 258, 260 and 262:

71st Street Townhouse Topper

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