79th Street Pharmacy on the Upper West Side

  Last modified on August 16th, 2019

Our neighborhood has sadly seen many small stores go out of business over the years, to be replaced by big box retailers, block-length banks and national chain drugstores. But that doesn’t mean the little guy is gone for good. A new drugstore on the Upper West Side, 79th Street Pharmacy, located between Broadway and Amsterdam, is doing its part to bring back that cozy vibe us Upper West Siders crave so much.

This family operated pharmacy on the Upper West Side does NOT fear its neighboring giants. The owners differentiate themselves by adding a personal touch through friendly customer service and deep client knowledge. Some of their offered advantages include prescription delivery, online and text message ordering, and affordable drug programs for those lacking insurance. They also offer special deals on a monthly basis!

Pharmacy on the Upper West Side

By supporting 79th Street Pharmacy, you are also supporting your Upper West Side community. They are currently running a promotion with local public schools, through which affiliated students and parents can come in and receive a $2 donation for every new prescription and $1 for every refill (donated to their local PTA).

To educate our residents, the pharmacy will also be offering quarterly clinics on topics including diabetic foot counseling, high blood pressure and nutritional products for adults and children.

The 79th Street Pharmacy is a breath of fresh air, and proof that the little guys WILL prevail! As a fellow small-business owner attempting to slay the Goliath’s of my industry, I say “Welcome – for good!!”.

“The friendly and personal service is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. 79th Street Pharmacy can custom order anything for you, so it feels like your own personal store.” Christine Elbert

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