A Book Signing with Andrea Barber of Full House

Andrea Barber of “Full House” will be appearing at the UWS Barnes & Noble on Monday, November 18th! She’ll be discussing and signing her book, “Full Circle: From Hollywood to Real Life and Back Again“. Barber is best known for her role as Kimmy Gibbler in the ABC sitcom Full House, as well as the Netflix sequel series Fuller House.

Barber and Full House

Fans of Andrea Barber will recall Kimmy Gibbler, who entered the Tanners’ home on Full House in 1987. Kimmy was a confident and quirky preteen character. At the time of her role, actress Andrea Barber was ten years old. Throughout the eight-season series, she starred in front of millions of fans.

Although a child star, Barber struggled with insecurities and anxieties that left her confused and lost after Full House’s cancellation. Finally, in 2016, she returned to the spotlight for Fuller House. During those years in between, Barber’s life story formed, and through her book, she examines everything that the cameras couldn’t see.


Barber’s memoir offers fans a look into her life. A “funny and inspiring” story about fame, the book explores heartache, resilience, and her reboot role in Fuller House. Barber admits she has “never been comfortable in the spotlight”, and speaks about her struggles with mental health. Additionally, she opens up about finding herself and her personal journey – all before her life came full circle when she rejoined her costars on Fuller House.

For those interested in hearing Andrea Barber’s story and attending her special signing, wristbands are available for purchase to attend this event. Starting at 9am on the day of the event, attendees may purchase a wristband in-store with their copy of the featured book. One book and wristband may be purchased per person. Wristbands are only available on the day of the book signing.

Here’s the official event page.

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