A Health and Wellness Oasis on 72nd Street

  Last modified on December 18th, 2023

As 2023 ends and New Year’s resolutions start to form, prioritizing all aspects of your health and wellness is often top-of-mind, and for good reason! W72 Wellness, which opened in 2021 and is owned by acupuncturist Annalisa Brown, has just what we all need to start 2024 the right way.

From acupuncture to high-quality herbal remedies and massage therapy, W72 Wellness at 118 West 72nd Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues) houses a variety of independent health practitioners offering solutions for ailments both physical, mental and a combination of the two – all within a perfectly sleek and serene setting.

Since its opening, W72 Wellness has continued to expand its offerings with the goal of bringing health and vitality to one of the best neighborhoods in NYC (their words, but we tend to agree).

One of their newest offerings is Gotham Acupuncture led by Dr. Peter Caron, a general practitioner with advanced training in orthopedics, pain management, and psycho-emotional conditions. Dr. Caron is also a revered clinic supervisor at the prestigious Pacific College of Health and Science, the premier acupuncture school in the Northeast. He runs a free clinic in Harlem where he provides essential care in a harm reduction center. Dr. Caron is also an herbalist who specializes in custom formulas.

Dr. Peter Caron

Part of Dr. Caron’s offering includes an in-house herbal dispensary carrying over 100 different herbs, where patients can receive personalized formulas to complement each acupuncture session. The combination of acupuncture and customized herbal remedies offers a powerful duo that can help fight not just the symptoms but their root causes.

Appointments with Dr. Caron can be scheduled online at gothamacupuncture.com.

In addition to Dr. Caron, W72 Wellness counts the following experts among its staff:

Maegan Ratliff, LMT (maedwellness.com): Ratliff specializes in neck, jaw and head issues and takes a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach to her work. She is also a licensed and registered dietician offering one-on-one nutritional counseling. Ratliff sees patients from 10-6 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Maegan Ratliff, LMT

Jane Bae, L.Ac (acupuncturebybae.com): Bae offers cosmetic facial acupuncture and is quickly becoming a favorite in the neighborhood. She also works with pain patients. Jane’s sessions also include a full body acupuncture treatment and a facial massage. In addition, Jane creates her own facial serums and products to help her patients achieve optimum results. Jane is available for appointments on Saturdays only.

Jane Bae, L.Ac

Annalisa Brown, L.Ac (abacupuncturenyc.com): In addition to running W72 Wellness, Brown is certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy which explores how our brains send pain signals even when there is not a serious or identifiable injury.  Even when there is, patients can lessen intensity and severity by practicing certain thought exercises from the inside while the acupuncture stimulates the brain from the outside.  She’s been working with patients with various neurological conditions.

Annalisa Brown, L.Ac

W72 Wellness plans to add even more staff in 2024 and is actively searching for experienced practitioners to serve Upper West Side residents. Interested in renting a space? Call office manager Shaneka at 646-767-0140.

To learn more and book appointments with the staff at W72 Wellness, visit www.w72wellness.com.

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