A Hint. About Goats.

  Last modified on July 15th, 2021

Looks like the goats are coming back to Riverside Park. Given this:

The last goat internship brought a herd of 24 to West 120th Street and Riverside Drive on May 21, 2019. They took up residency in the park between 119th and 125th Streets, where they were used to eat away at invasive plant species.

NYC fell in love with all of them. There would soon be a goat award ceremony to name the most popular goat, which preceded the elimination of all but 5. Massey ended up winning.

We were sad that they didn’t come back in 2020, though that was the least of our problems.


So reading about their likely return (what else would that announcement be about?) – makes us very excited.

And we’re even more excited because we recently learned that goats scream like people. At least some of them. So at this point we’re 100% sold on goats and everything about them.


We reached out to the Riverside Park Conservancy to see if we could get early details, but they told us we’d have to wait until their announcement on Thursday.

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