A Mexican-Influenced Seafood Restaurant Opening Soon

El Fish Marisqueria Interior

El Fish Marisqueria – a Mexican-influenced seafood restaurant by Chef Julian Medina and restaurateur Louis Skibar – is set to open on Thursday, February 2 at 155 Amsterdam Avenue (on 67th Street).


It was originally expected to open almost two years ago as “El Fish Shack,” which is what the Queens outpost is called. Marisqueria means “seafood restaurant” in Spanish.

The new spot will include elements of the original El Fish Shack (classic, New England-style dishes) while also incorporating a Mexican flair throughout its menu.

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“Chef Medina embarked on a culinary exploration to Mexico’s fishing capital, Ensenada, to seek inspiration for the menu,” ILTUWS was told in an email. “He visited fish and farmers’ markets, discovering ways to evolve new and traditional dishes from the region.” Medina was highly influenced during his time in Mexico, which led him to change the name of the restaurant.

Two highlights (shared by the restaurant’s press team) will include Brochetas de Salmon Kung Pao (salmon skewers, poblano peppers, roasted peanut Kung Pao salsa, & Mexican creamy rice) and Fideo Seco (Mexican noodles, lobster, black truffle, tomato-chipotle creamy sauce, & queso fresco).


El Fish Marisqueria is also expected to feature a raw bar, ceviches, tostadas, tacos, whole grilled branzino, pan-fried lobster, and signature cocktails including a specialty selection of Margaritas.

Langosta Ensenada

Langosta Ensenada: pan fried, Mexican fried rice, chiltepin butter, refried pinto beans, flour tortilla ($49)

Grilled Octopus El Fish Marisqueria

Grilled Octopus: crispy sweet potato, yuzu kosho adobo ($20)

Lobster Aguachile

Lobster Aguachile: lobster, peanut butter-yuzu sauce, carrots, scallions, crispy wonton ($30)

Here’s a sample menu, though we are told it is subject to change.

The new restaurant will be setting up shop right next to Old John’s Luncheonette, which Louis Skibar brought back to life in 2021.

Starting February 2, hours will be Sunday-Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Thursday-Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. To learn more, visit @elfishmarisqueria on Instagram.


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