A Peek Into the Domestic Lives of Gilded Age New Yorkers

Landmark West will soon uncover the secret lives of wealthy Upper West Siders during the late nineteenth century. Home Sweet Mansion: A Peek Into the Domestic Lives of Gilded Age New Yorkers will examine the upperclassmen of this era, as well as the workers who served them.

An era of prosper and riches, the late 19th century was a great time to be exceedingly wealthy. Tables overflowed with food, closets were filled with expensive clothing, and parlors were furnished beautifully. However, someone needed to do all of the work to maintain appearances, and the rich weren’t going to be the ones to do it.


Behind every wealthy New Yorker was a staff of maids, coachmen and servants, who managed the households in the Upper West Side’s stunning mansions and distinct brownstones.

Leading the program is speaker Esther Crain – a writer, editor, and native New Yorker. She has chronicled the city’s past in her website Ephemeral New York, and her works have been featured in The New York Times, the New York Post, Time Out New York, and other notable publications.

Tickets to the West Side event are available for both members and non-members (priced at $10 and $15 respectively). Landmark West! Members who are at the partner level will also be eligible for 2-for-1 tickets.

The event will take place at 35 West 67th Street on March 5th from 6:30-7:45pm.

Landmark West!, an award-winning non profit, has worked since 1985 to achieve landmark status for individual buildings and historic districts on the Upper West Side of NYC, protecting architectural and cultural landmarks from change and demolition.

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