A “Penis Shaped Roofdeck” on the Upper West Side

Have you ever wondered what flying would be like? If you could glide through the skies like a bird, it’s unlikely that your first journey would be to hover over Upper West Side buildings. But given a recent discovery of the phallic variety – in addition to other cool things on UWS roofs – you might want to include it on your itinerary (should that flying thing ever work out).

“While exploring Google maps I found a penis shaped roofdeck on the upper west side,” shared a person on the internet on Monday.


The screen shot was first posted to IMGUR and then shared on Reddit.

While exploring Google maps I found a penis shaped roofdeck on the upper west side
byu/linsage innyc

ILTUWS conducted an independent investigation and can conclude that the building in question is 615 West 113th Street (between Broadway and Riverside Drive), a prewar elevator building with eight stories, 49 apartments, and “a beautifully landscaped rooftop deck,” according to a Streeteasy description of the Morningside Heights co-op.

615 west 113th street

(Google Earth)

A few noteworthy gems from the comments section:

  • “The architect knew exactly what he was doing” [loki8481].
  • “Big deck energy” [allightyollar].
  • “I know that building. I hate those guys, they’re always so cocky about their roof deck.” [Horror_Cap_7166].


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