A Seinfeld Alphabet Book

  Last modified on May 10th, 2021

Something truly magical just showed up on my Instagram feed.

The book seller’s website states this is “age suitable” for those between 6 and 12 years old, but I’m 36 and very excited.

The “Seinfeld Legends Alphabet” appears to be exactly what it sounds like: each letter of the alphabet represented by a different Seinfeld reference.


A few of the letters are listed on the website (link below).

Like the letter G:

“G is for George Costanza. Cantstandya! Short, stocky and bald, this make-believe architect and marine biologist prides himself on being an expert liar, cheat and cheap-skate. He ultimately loses every job, girlfriend and ounce of self-respect he’s ever had, but will fight to the death for “Independent George!”

Appearances are also made by favorites including David Puddy, Martin van Nostrand, Babu, Newman and more.

And, Aaron the “close-talker” has a page as well. So the book offers at least one valuable life lesson.

Here’s a short promo by the publisher, Alphabet Legends:

The person behind Alphabet Legends is Beck Feiner, an illustrator, designer and author living in Sydney, Australia.

The “Seinfeld Legends Alphabet” is available for $20 … here’s a link.

Also, in case you forgot (and you want your kids to really lean into this), there’s also a Seinfeld Lego set coming out.

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