A View Lost

We’re posting this on behalf of one of our readers who is wondering what happened to their view. The tenant lives at 27 West 89th Street, and their rear-facing bedroom window faces north onto a courtyard.

“For the last 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of this view from my bedroom window.

view from 89th Street

“The trumpet vine wall blooms each summer on the wall of the building I look onto through the courtyard facing West 90th Street. I look forward to this view every summer, after every long winter, particularly this past one for us die hards who have sheltered in place since March. To add to the beauty of this experience, the birds have made a home in the courtyard and waking to their song each morning is a blessed feeling.


“To add insult to COVID’s injury, I woke up yesterday to the shock of seeing that the vines had been removed.

vines removed

“A great sadness swept over me, as well as a feeling of guilt, for having been the recipient of this gift for so long. I don’t know the owners or tenants of the building, but would like to know why it was removed, and why now, when the vine is in full bloom, leaving such a stark vision in its wake. Building damage? New owner? Renovation?

“Even though my view is gone, my appreciation for the last 30 years will live on.”

Our reader is unsure of the building number on 90th Street. If anybody knows why the vines were removed, feel free to leave a comment below!

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