Last modified on November 25th, 2018

The world premiere of a brand new musical is coming to the Upper West Side! Performances of The Little Dancer will be held at Theater 71 at Blessed Sacrament (152 west 71st Street) beginning December 1st.

Little Dancer UWS Musical

The Little Dancer is a holiday musical about the world’s most famous ballerina.

Fourteen year old Marie always wanted dance lessons. So her mom takes on extra work so she could afford to send her. Soon after her lessons begin, Marie is discovered by Mistress de Ballet as the next great ballerina of Paris.

But with an unfortunate twist, Marie’s grandfather gets sick and needs to pay for an expensive new medicine. Without the family funds, Marie takes a modeling job for a cranky old artist (Edgar Degas).

Marie inspires Edgar to create something amazing. But Marie is getting tired. The modeling job requires long hours, and she is forced to put her dream of dancing on hold.

But as months pass, Marie receives an invitation to an exhibit at the most important gallery in Paris, and is in for the surprise of her life.

The show runs 55 minutes and is filled with colorful singing, dancing and art.

The world premiere is designed to delight audience members of all ages.

The Cast

The Little Dancer Musical Cast


… and the Musical Theatre Geek Chorus!

Creative Team

Director: Richard Vida (Les Misérables, 42nd Street, Anything Goes)

Choreographer: Lainie Sakakura (The Rockettes)

Writer, Music Supervisor: Steven Fisher (Isabelle and the Pretty-Ugly Spell)

Music Director: W. Brent Sawyer (Anne of Green Gables)


December 1st – 23rd
Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and 1pm

December 26th – 31st
Daily at 11am and 1pm


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