A “Yiddish for Dogs” Class Was Held in Central Park This Past Weekend

Living on the Upper West Side, it’s not uncommon to hear (or see in writing) the occasional Yiddish. In fact, it’s a clear reflection of the neighborhood’s Jewish history and identity. So, it’s only natural that… you know… our dogs would start picking up on Yiddish, too. Right? Oy vey!

A “Yiddish for Dogs” class was held this past Sunday in Central Park by the non-profit group Workmen’s Circle. Workmen’s Circle is a group dedicated to preserving the Yiddish language and has more than 800 students learning the language annually. At this past weekend’s event, dogs and their humans learned commands together, such as “sit” and “stay” in Yiddish.

“Yiddish, I find that the words are pretty sharp. So, dogs really get the tones of words very well. I find they actually responded to it better than English” the trainer Miguel Rodriguez said to ABC7’s Eyewitness News. You can see Rodriguez in action and other highlights from the event in this ABC7’s video, including a dog in a kerchief. That’s a dog with real chutzpah!

Keep your eyes peeled to the Workman’s Circle website for their next “Yiddish for Dogs” event on their Facebook page so, you too, can be a dog whisperer of sorts and learn Yiddish in the process.

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Featured images c/o istolethetv via Flickr

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