All Over NYC: More Snow, Vaccine Shortage, Subway News

Here are some brief summaries of trending stories around NYC. Follow each link for more info!

Governor Cuomo has announced that overnight subway service will be partially restored in the early morning hours on Monday, February 22. A press release says that “the MTA will extend late-night subway service by two hours, moving to a 2 a.m. – 4 a.m. closure daily,” which will also enable the “MTA to continue the most aggressive deep cleaning and disinfecting regimen in its history.” [ ]

More snow appears to be on the way. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch from Thursday at 6am to Friday at 4pm, with 6 or more inches of snowfall expected. The heaviest snow is expected to begin late Thursday morning, with the potential of hazardous road conditions and poor visibility. [ National Weather Service ]

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The Guardian Angels are increasing their presence. Founder Curtis Sliwa says subway patrols will be ramped up in response to growing violence. While they normally patrol in groups of 5 or 6, the Angels will be broken off into pairs to increase their geographic coverage. They’ll also be handing out fliers with instructions on “what to do if you’re pushed onto the tracks.” [ NY Daily News ]

NYC has released COVID vaccination data by zip code, and the NY Times has shone a spotlight on the disparity between different neighborhoods. Wealthier, predominantly white neighborhoods like the Upper West and Upper East Sides are showing up to eight times the vaccination rate as predominantly Black neighborhoods like East New York. [ NY Times ]

Winter storms have been causing vaccine shipment delays, and NYC is running low. The city is down to less than 30,000 doses, and the mayor warned that as many as 30,000 appointments may need to be cancelled as a result. [ Pix 11 ]

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