An Artisan Framer on the Upper West Side

Ilana Lobet’s background in art and design is evident in the custom framing she produces in her charming hide-away frame shop in the Upper West Side’s landmark Master Apartments, located at 310 Riverside Drive, on the second floor. She has the experience of over 30 years in her field.

Lobet Framing Lounge

Framed: Photograph of Jerome Robbins, theatre lounge, at Baryshnikov Art Center.

What sets Lobet’s work apart from other framers is the care and attention she gives each client, seeing clients by appointment only, and then spending whatever time is needed to discuss potential frame designs, paying close attention to the specifics of the art work and the individual tastes of her client.

photos ilana lobet framing

Framed: Anna Walinska “Return to The Riverside”, at The Master Gallery through January 2020.

She has a reputation for impeccable work with a wide range of clientele, including private collectors, interior designers, neighborhood residents  and artists. Some of her more well-known clients have included The Baryshnikov Art Center, Magnolia Bakery, Peg Alston Fine Arts, Broomley- Calderi Architects, The Howard Gilman Foundation, Walinska Art.

ilana lobet

Lobet has five star reviews on Yelp and Amazon.  The following review is typical of the feedback she receives on her work:

“Absolutely first rate work by a talented and conscientious artist. She will be certain that you find exactly what you want, and freely offers all possible help as you make your decision. I couldn’t be happier with the items Ms. Lobet framed for me, and am delighted to have met such a lovely person as well.”

Besides framing, Lobet also offers framing workshops, giving hands-on instruction in the choice and construction of framing.

To schedule an appointment, please call (212) 665-3666.

ilana lobet

Ilana Lobet

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