An NYC Spring on the Upper West Side

  Last modified on November 27th, 2019

Ahh, Spring in NYC. One of life’s great joys. I love walking around on a lovely NYC spring day, to witness the best and most beautiful of the Upper West Side.  I guess the other neighborhoods are fine, too.  But look below – so pretty!

Riverside Park

NYC Spring


By the 72nd Street dog run.

spring nyc


A little spring baby enjoying the swings at the Dinosaur Playground.

spring in nyc


Morningside Heights (116th).  Looking out at the exquisite architecture.


Love the contrast…

spring events in nyc


Central Park

By NYC photographer Kat Grant.

nyc in spring


Admiring the coveted San Remo on Central Park West.

what to do in nyc during spring


Even sweeter from afar!

spring in central park nyc

photo credit: Shinya Suzuki.


Right past the 72nd Street entrance.

spring on the upper west side


Deeper ..

upper west side nyc

photo credit: Ralph Hockens.


Definitely pollen season …

spring in new york

photo credit: Ralph Hockens.

Squeezing in some spring between two-way traffic on Broadway …

spring in new york


At my absolute favorite NYC community garden (West Side Community Garden, of course!)

pictures of new york during spring


At the best museum in NYC.

spring in central park


A small amount of spring by the subway at 72nd street.

springtime nyc


At Morningside Park

photos of spring in new york city

morningside park spring season

manhattan during spring

manhattan during spring

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