Andrew Yang Interviewed at The Milling Room

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang recently joined ABC News for their “Around The Table” series at the Upper West Side’s Milling Room, a beautiful restaurant where Gayle King and Oprah have been known to dine at. Yang sat with three undecided voters to discuss a variety of issues.

Joining Yang and the undecided voters were ABC News correspondents Linsey Davis, Jaslin Kaur, Mara Novak, and Ramsey Smith.

One of the undecided voters, a 23 year old Asian woman who has been on the receiving end of Asian stereotypes, asked Yang how the conversation about the Asian-American community can be elevated in years to come. Yang has been known to make Asian jokes on the stage and throughout his campaign efforts.

“Certainly my experience is not the norm nor is anyone’s experience the norm, given how broad and diverse our community is. To the extent that I make light of certain stereotypes, I believe that it’s helping expose how ridiculous some of them are,” he told Kaur.

Here’s the video from ABC News:

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Featured images c/o Gage Skidmore

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