Another Round of Participatory Budgeting

Another round of participatory budgeting is open through November 11, which means Upper West Siders can submit their ideas for how to spend $1 million in capital funding.

Qualifying projects must cost at least $50,000 and have a lifespan of at least 5 years. Here are further guidelines on what can be funded.

Ideas can be submitted at Council Member Brewer’s District Office located at 563 Columbus Avenue (between 87th and 88th streets) or online here.


Here are some of the ideas Upper West Siders have submitted so far:

“Beautify Broadway between 70th and 72 Street so that people could walk safely in a clean, well lit area.”

“Complete all repair work and remove the scaffolding/netting at NYCHA Amsterdam Houses, W. 62-64 St. so that people could have an acceptable apartment to live in (after how many years?) without being horrifically encased and seeing accumulated debris/garbage on the ground. Plus, pedestrians could walk by (after how many years?) without encountering such an eyesore.”

“Repair Matthew P. Sapolin Playground. This playground needs to be paved to make it safe for all who enter. The beautiful United States map is in disrepair as well.”

“More cameras. The neighborhood is not safe. Safety is priority.”

“Renovate and Improve Access to Riverside Park at W96th St. so that people could: have a pleasant entrance to Riverside Park. Currently, the underpass under Riverside Drive is confusing and dirty. In addition, the sidewalk on 96th Street that leads to the park is full of holes that have been taken over by rats. This area could be beautified with improved signage and paths leading to the park. Also, many people do not understand how to connect from Riverside Park south of 95th to the park north of 96th Street. They cross 96th street at the entrance to the West Side Highway, dodging cars that are speeding on or off the highway ramp. With better signage, greenery, and flow, this would be a much safer and pleasant area.”

Here are the results from the last round of participatory budgeting.

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