Anyone Know This Rooster?

rooster runs down central park west

A rooster runs down Central Park West. Screenshot from video by @aaronbrownlee36.

We’ve been told a rooster has been residing at and near 400 Central Park West near West 100th Street for the last five days or so, and that he’s been waking up residents at about 5:00 a.m. each morning. The residents, while tired and perhaps annoyed, have affectionately named him Reggie.

Here at ILTUWS, we love covering unexpected animal sightings – and this ain’t our first poultry post.


We wrote about a missing chicken in 2021, when a fowl biddy named Lady Sybil roamed from her sanctuary at the The Gatehouse Garden at 119th and Amsterdam Ave. She was found and is still thriving in a community filled with likeminded cluckers, as evidenced by this recent Instagram post. We’ve contacted The Gatehouse Garden to see if they’ve done a recent head count.

In October 2022, we broke a story about a rooster living at the Urban Assembly School For Green Careers’ garden on 84th and Amsterdam. That rooster was also loud, and area residents aggressively squawked for its removal. We’re not actually sure if that guy’s still roosting, but we’ve tried calling the school several times to see if they might be missing a bird.

Without further ado, here’s Reggie (thanks to @aaronbrownlee36 and @awotzka for the videos!):


At the suggestion of Wild Bird Fund (which does not take roosters), we’ve contacted two rescue organizations (Animal Care Centers and They All Want To Live) to see if they could provide assistance.

UPDATE: Very soon after publishing this article (less than an hour), the condo board at 400 Central Park West sent a note to its residents stating that Reggie had been captured and is on his way to “Pennsylvania where he will live on a farm with quite a story to tell.”


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