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Terms and Conditions

1. As this is a website about the Upper West Side, the listings you advertise should be located within the general vicinity of the neighborhood (between Columbus Circle and Morningside Heights). Agents and Owners who submit listings outside of these boundaries are subject to be banned from listing future apartments on our website.

2. All Agents and Owners are responsible for knowing and abiding by all current laws which guide the New York City real estate industry.

3. Any dispute between Agents / Owners and Apartment Seekers must be dealt with between the Agent / Owner and Apartment Seeker. will be held harmless in any disputes or litigations which arise.

4. has the right to use any photo you upload for purposes of marketing the real estate section of its website.

5. All listings submitted must have accurate information, and must not be intended to mislead.

6. While it is currently free for Agents and Owners to advertise their listings, we may switch to a pricing model at any time.

7. All Agents must be up to date in their licensing requirements.

8. Any individual who creates an “Owner” account must in fact be the owner of the apartments they list.

9. Agents and Owners must manage their listings, which means deleting apartments which are no longer available for rent or sale within a reasonable time frame.

10. is strictly an advertising platform for licensed real estate agents and property owners. We are not in the real estate business, and we will not collect commissions or fees for any apartment which is sold or rented through our website.

11. These terms and conditions may change at any time.