Attorney For Texas Woman Reveals Racially Charged 2015 Incident at Carmine’s

  Last modified on January 24th, 2022

Justin Moore, the attorney for one of the three Black women from Texas who recently made headlines for assaulting a hostess at Carmine’s – which the women say was prompted by that hostess’ use of a racial slur – has taken to Instagram to spotlight a racially charged 2015 situation Carmine’s found itself in.

A report released in October of that year by the New York Post discusses a lawsuit brought forth against Carmine’s by former server Raul Pichardo, who is of Dominican descent and was 22 at the time. Pichardo’s attorney told the Post that “The kitchen staff would mimic a monkey by placing their hands at their sides while jumping around when Mr. Pichardo passed.”


The lawsuit stated that this harassment had begun in 2012, and that when Pichardo addressed the restaurant’s human resources department about it, the Chief Operating Officer yelled that he was “full of sh*t.”

Earlier in 2015, reports state that Pichardo was also one of several servers who had sued Carmine’s over unpaid overtime wages.

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While the situation in 2015 involved different parties, Moore posted screenshots of the New York Post article (along with videos in the third and fourth slides) to accompany a statement – which includes a paragraph beginning with “Carmine’s has a culture that’s hostile to claims of racial harassment.”

We reached out to Carmine’s for comment and were sent the following statement:

“As a sideshow to distract from the fact that his clients attacked our employees and were arrested, the Texas lawyer has now dredged up a false allegation of racial discrimination from six years ago that a judge actually threw out because there was no evidence to support the fabrication.

“Over 90 percent of our employees at the restaurant are people of color. All of our restaurant managers are people of color. All of our hosts on the day of the attack were people of color.

“We are incredibly grateful for the fortitude of our employees and the support of our customers. We have been a community restaurant for 31 years, and our community is being there for us. We’ll forever remember and honor that.”

Carmine’s also reiterated that video footage of the recent incident includes a post-fight dialogue between one of the women from Texas and a Carmine’s staff member, during which no mention of a racial slur can be heard.

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