Award-Winning Robotics Program Opening on UWS, Pre-Enrolling for the Fall

Rocket Club Academy, the visionary robotics, coding, and entrepreneurship after-school program for 7 to 14-year-olds which started in Columbus Circle, is expanding to a new location at 157 Columbus Avenue at 67th Street! They are now pre-enrolling for the fall.

Within the first month at Rocket Club Academy, members begin to build and code robotics and start their own clothing line on an e-commerce platform. Rocket Club has helped hundreds of members launch businesses including a 9-year-old featured on Good Morning America for her stop motion business called Stop & Love; Astronade – a bottled lemonade company founded by 10-year-olds which received an investment from the co-founder of Netflix; and hundreds of t-shirt companies which have grossed over $36,000 in sales.

Rocket Club Academy Steve Wozniak Apple

In addition to robotics and business-building, members learn about topics like blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, climate science, the stock market, 3D printing and biotechnology, just to name a few.

While stationed in Columbus Circle, Rocket Club was featured on NY1.

Rocket Club Academy’s members have the unique opportunity to build a lifelong network of peers, forever viewing the world differently because of their advanced tech education. Rocket Club Academy’s staff is building the club they wished they had when they were kids, and empowering their members to become everything they want to be when they grow up. The club was founded by Alex Hodara, an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner and Forbes 30 Under 30. Alex started his entrepreneurial career when he was a child and created Rocket Club Academy as a way to provide a similar experience for the next generation. Enlisting the help of industry leaders, Rocket Club Academy has created a proprietary curriculum: a mix of robotics, coding, cutting-edge technology, and entrepreneurship.

Rocket Club is granting our readers first access to registration. Ready to grab a spot?!

Here are the details:

  • The first month of membership is free to establish a mutual fit!
  • Membership is $550 per month (month-to-month commitment).
  • Enrollment is capped at 60 total members.
  • Membership includes classes once per week for 2 hours, community events with mentors, networking with members from 25 states, England, and Ireland.
  • Tour and application are required prior to registration.

You can learn more and book a tour here:

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