Bald Eagle Spotted Near 81st Street in Central Park

If there’s one thing 2020 has actually been good for, it’s been unexpected and mesmerizing animal sightings.

On Tuesday morning, a bald eagle was spotted in a tree in Central Park near the West 81st Street entrance. A photo was tweeted out by Manhattan Bird Alert ( @birdcentralpark ).

Several hours later, Manhattan Bird Alert tweeted an image of the majestic creature leaving its perch.

Earlier this month, five bald eagles were spotted flying in Central Park, though the photos were not quite as up close and personal.

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While the barred owl seemed to be the flavor of fall, a couple of these birds still seem to be around.

There was also a recent sighting of a long-eared owl, but my absolute favorite 2020 animal sighting was the humpback whale spotted in the Hudson River (in Midtown and later near 72nd Street)!

And 2020 has also brought us plenty of hawk and raccoon sightings. Which are also both great.

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