Bang Bar at the Time Warner Center

  Last modified on April 20th, 2019

David Chang recently opened Bang Bar at the Time Warner Center, which Grub Street first announced. Bang Bar is a small new take-out spot offering breakfast and lunch, and it’s located right next to Chang’s upcoming  4,000 square foot Time Warner Center Momofuku Noodle Bar, which is supposed to open this month as well.


The new take out spot features Korean griddled flatbreads with various dips and meats served off vertical spits.

It’s bread made to order and meats you can slice in the moment, inspired by Lebanon, Turkey, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, and Mexico”, Chang tells Grub Street.

Some of the meat offerings include a marinated pork shoulder and soy-glazed yakitori chicken. There is also a fair amount of commotion about a special lardo-layered mortadella, served off the spit as well.

On the breakfast menu, there is a baked cinnamon twist and three wraps:

  • smoked salmon and cream cheese from Zabar’s (pictured below)!
  • veggie cream cheese
  • mortadella and cheese

Bang Bar Zabars


For lunch, you have a choice between spicy pork, chicken (pictured below) and the “Rip & Dip” which can come with either spicy eggplant or chickpea dip.

Bang Bar NYC

The new Columbus Circle restaurant is open Monday through Saturday, from 8am to 11am for breakfast and from 11am to 3pm for lunch.

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