Beacon Paint & Hardware Announces Closing

On Monday, February 17th, Beacon Paint & Hardware announced that it will be closing its doors after 120 years.

A little less than a year ago, a GoFundMe campaign was launched to keep the hardware store in business. Unfortunately, only $4,678 of their $100,000 goal was raised, not nearly enough to keep them going.

Beacon Paint & Hardware has always helped the Upper West Side through charitable givings and events, including the annual night-time walkathon for Guiding Eyes For The Blind. They’ve given out biscuits to dogs and toys to children on Halloween. They donate to local public schools. And they’ve always made customer service a priority.


According to the Facebook message, Steven, Bruce and Ellen Stark will be working at the Janovic Paints store on 72nd Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. From here, they plan to continue their legacy of helping those in the neighborhood.

It is with a broken heart, and profound sadness that we must inform you that after 120 years, Beacon Paint & Hardware will be closing.

We have loved every minute of serving the Upper West Side. We love our customers, our neighbors, the schools, the students, parents, dogs and everyone else who shopped here or just came in to see our dogs or to say hello.
It was our pleasure to support any cause the community asked us to. We would not have lasted as long as we did without our wonderful customers, neighbors and community.
We loved you and you loved us right back. The support you had for us was overwhelming. We knew you could shop cheaper elsewhere, but so many of you came back to us time and time again. What beautiful people you are. We can’t thank you enough for all your support.
We will still be in the neighborhood, though. We are going to work for Janovic Paints. I will be manager of their West 72nd Street store (between Amsterdam & Columbus). Steven and Ellen will also have jobs with Janovic; Steven will be an outside salesman, and Ellen will be in their office.
Please come by and say hello. I miss my friends already. Please continue to come to me to ask for any kind of donations. I will need to get permission first, of course, but will continue to support the community as much as I can.
When our father bought this store in 1971, the competition was three small hardware stores, and one paint store. Today, it is the two largest companies ever. I still believe that in a fair fight, we would have kicked Home Depot’s rear, but there seems to be a shortage of fairness these days.
For the record, our landlord, The Brusco Group, was willing to bend over backwards for us. They offered to do whatever they could, but there were too many other factors involved. You will still be able to contact us at the numbers and emails listed below:
With love,
Bruce Stark: (347) 538-4050
Steven Stark: (347) 538-4020
Ellen Stark-Gabe: (516) 238-7067 Mel Stark (Dad)
Evelyn Stark (Mom- deceased)
and Bru (deceased)

Beacon Paint & Hardware will surely be missed.


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