Belvedere Castle Lit Up At Night

After a 15 month renovation, Belvedere Castle has reopened to the public! But at approximately 9pm on June 27th, a ceremonial Belvedere Castle lighting took place. The lights from within the reconstructed castle were turned on to illuminate the park sky for the very first time!

If you’re interested in witnessing these nighttime views this summer, there are three locations the Central Park Conservancy advises you head for the best views:

  • The Great Lawn (mid-Park from 79th to 85th Streets)
  • The lawn north of Turtle Pond (mid-Park between 79th and 80th Streets)
  • The plaza in front of the King Jagiello statue (mid-Park at 79th Street on the east side of the Turtle Pond)
Belvedere Castle Lighting June 2019

photo by Zach Nelson, courtesy of Central Park Conservancy

The Belvedere Castle renovation has taken 15 months and $12 million dollars. And you’ll soon see that the work of the Central Park Conservancy has lead to both structural and aesthetic improvements.

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