Best Bar Food on the Upper West Side

Best Bar Food on the Upper West Side

I’ve eaten through the area to come up with the best bar food on the Upper West Side. Good bar food involves getting a few of the basic choices down, like burgers, fries, but also creating something unique, a new finger food, or a new spicy taste, that keeps folks coming back. Check out my top picks for bar food on the Upper West Side below.


George Keeley

What stands out is the pig wings which has been getting great reviews, and the mixed basket which includes a collection of finger foods so that you don’t have to just pick one. Wings, jalapeno poppers, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, onion rings and curly fries. It that doesn’t please the crowd, nothing will.  This is a great UWS bar for food and sports games!  485 Amsterdam Ave (W 83rd)

bar food upper west side

bars upper west side


Jacob’s Pickles

OK, so we also like bars with good bar food AND quirky names. This one has figured that maybe since their clientele occasionally gets pickled, why not a majority of the menu items. We’re finding some “not really seen before” choices here, like pickles of all kinds: hot and sour, dill kosher, pickle slaw, and picked green beans, carrots and tomatoes – all handcrafted by Jacob! Oh, you’ll have some “un-briny” choices, too, like burgers, fries, biscuits, and deviled eggs. They also have some of the best mac and cheese in NYC509 Amsterdam (W. 84th)

best bar food upper west side

upper west side bars


West End Hall

While the bars on Amsterdam Avenue have a great selection of pub grub, lets meander off that strip to Broadway. Their menu, which is described as “beer hall cuisine,” includes pork sliders, pulled pork wontons, tater tots (how cute is that!), and fries with new twists (parmesan truffle, and sriracha, chorizo, Monterey jack and fried egg). Or a good old-fashioned giant pretzel with spicy mustard.   A great place to celebrate Oktoberfest in NYC2756 Broadway (106th)

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best bar food in nyc


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