Best Mac and Cheese on the Upper West Side

Best Mac and Cheese on the Upper West Side

Whoever first decided to mix macaroni with cheese is someone whose hand I’d like to shake. Who can think of a better way to celebrate life? I’ve loved this comfort food ever since I could eat, and I love having so many options to indulge in this forever beloved treat. Here are, in my view, the restaurants serving the best mac and cheese on the Upper West Side!  And if you can keep two windows open at once, check out the best mac and cheese in Washington Heights.

Fred’s Restaurant

476 Amsterdam Ave

This dog-friendly bar and restaurant serves super creamy mac and cheese with a combination of aged cheddar and parmesan. To this you can add a number of toppings including bacon, buffalo chicken, chorizo, meatballs or pulled pork (and more). This is available on both their dinner and late night menus, and they can also make it gluten-free.

Best Mac and Cheese on the Upper West Side


The Smith

1900 Broadway

One of the many delicious snacks offered by this classy American restaurant is their skillet roasted mac and cheese, which you can find on their starters menu (for dinner, brunch and lunch!).

It’s sharp, gooey and amazing.  Made with elbow macaroni and FOUR types of cheese: cheddar, Fontina, Gruyère and Parmigiano Reggiano.  You can find this amazing NYC food all over Instagram!


Best Mac and Cheese on the Upper West Side


The Mermaid Inn

570 Amsterdam Ave

Known mostly for their oysters, this popular NYC seafood spot offers a scrumptious side of smoked gouda mac & cheese with scallions on their dinner menu. It’s pretty filling and only $9!

Best Mac and Cheese on the Upper West Side


P.J. Clarke’s

44 West 63rd Street

P.J. Clarke’s is one of my favorite restaurants near Lincoln Center. This old-school saloon serves skillet baked mac and cheese with Vermont cheddar and bread crumbs. They use “Pipette” pasta, which is elbow macaroni which is closed on one end (this keeps all the good cheese sauce inside).

It’s just the right amount of crispy on the outside.
Every once in a while, they’ll also offer their special Maine Lobster Mac and Cheese!

Best Mac and Cheese on the Upper West Side


Maison Pickle

2315 Broadway

This new American and comfort food restaurant, opened by the owners of Jacob’s Pickles (next on our list) has a classique and midnight style mac and cheese on their menu.

The Midnight is made with sausage, jalapeño, cheese, and topped with a fried egg!

Maison Pickle is a great place to eat and a beautifully decorated restaurant!

Best Mac and Cheese on the Upper West Side

Midnight Mac and Cheese


Jacob’s Pickles

509 Amsterdam Ave

Jacob’s Pickles dinner and brunch menus feature a standard, buffalo chicken and mushroom mac and cheese!

The buffalo chicken has gotten especially rave reviews.

Best Mac and Cheese on the Upper West Side

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese


The Milling Room

446 Columbus Ave

The Milling Room offers a side of orzo mac and cheese, which is super gooey (almost a soup) and made with a parmesan crust, chives and bread crumbs.

This restaurant has an unbelievably giant and stunning interior, with extremely high ceilings. Great place to impress!

Best Mac and Cheese on the Upper West Side


Joanne Trattoria

70 West 68th Street

This Italian restaurant, owned by Lady Gaga’s parents, has a Seafood Mac & Cheese entree. This delightful concoction is made with penne, 3 cheeses, scallops & shrimp. Very rich and cheesy!

Best Mac and Cheese NYC

photo from Yelp


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