Evan’s UWS Sandwich Board

If Jared didn’t appease you with all the pounds lost at Subway, you are in luck! There are several great sandwich spots on the Upper West Side that beat the chain any day of the week. If you are on the run and need a quick lunch or dinner between two pieces of bread, check out Columbus Café, Lenwich, Giacomos, Sunflower Café or Alibaba!

Columbus Café is an Upper West Side stalwart on 87th and Columbus, which serves sandwiches, coffee, pastries and more. If you go during lunch time, you will see many students from nearby schools, including Dwight, Trinity and Trevor Day. This is the place to go if you would like a sandwich filled with a lot of meat. You can pick between a variety of meats, cheeses and breads (bagel, hero, panini, wrap, etc). They have a few tables for sitting but if you go during busy lunch hours, you have to be lucky to get a spot to sit.


Lenwich is a few blocks down on 83rd and Columbus. While it’s a chain, it is not gigantic like Subway and only has a few locations in Manhattan. To fit brand as a sandwich shop, it changed its name a few years ago from “Lennys”. Lenwich is known for its customizations, in which you can design your own sandwich with whatever ingredients you’d like.

Giacomo’s is an Italian takeout sandwich spot on 72nd just off of West End. It’s one of the few places by West End that have food. The location makes the place convenient for picking up sandwiches before a stroll or picnic in Riverside Park. In addition to delicious Italian breads and meats; e.g, salami, they have a nice selection of side pastas.

If you keep kosher or are on the mood to sit down with a waitress and have a delicious sandwich, go to Sunflower Café on 93rd and Amsterdam. They have an array of sandwiches that come with a side of fries or salad. One of the best that they have is the Red Peppers with fresh Mozzarella. Do not go hear looking for meet as it’s a dairy restaurant. In the event you’d like to come eat and get some work done, they have reliable WIFI and a good selection of outlets.

Those looking for an unorthodox sandwich can venture to Alibaba on 85th and Amsterdam, a kosher Yemenite café that has delicious sandwiches on Pita and freshly made Laffa bread (a large wrap).