Bethenny Frankel Says She Was Punched in the Face Outside UWS Bakery

Bethenny Frankel in 2009, hayu via Wikimedia Commons

In what’s become a particularly disturbing trend in New York City, more and more women are coming forward with reports of being randomly punched in the face by complete strangers while walking around Manhattan. The latest? Former Real Housewives of New York star and margarita mogul Bethenny Frankel, whose comment indicates this trend might not be as new as it seems.


In response to fashion student Mikayla Toninato recounting her recent assault on TikTok, Frankel chimed in, “This is insane bc this happened to me a few months ago but I was embarrassed to say. I was on the UWS [Upper West Side]. Insane. I was taking video of a bakery.” No further information was given, and a scan of Frankel’s social media pages didn’t come up with any bakeries. The comment now appears to be deleted.

Toninato’s video — which has garnered over 12 million views — was in response to another harrowing account from 23-year-old Halley Kate Mcgookin, a popular influencer and podcaster who resides in downtown Manhattan. NYPD officials confirmed that as she “was walking in the vicinity of West 16th Street and 7th Avenue [on Monday], an unknown individual hit her in the head.” Mcgookin fell to the sidewalk after the assault and was left with a massive welt on the right side of her head. Following a hospital visit and meeting with police, she continued to share details with her followers in an effort to raise awareness. Now, a failed political candidate — Skiboky Stora of East New York — has been charged with the assault. According to The Post, he appeared in court yesterday. At this time, no further details on the ongoing case are known.


Since their reports have gone viral, over a dozen other women have shared similar stories — with the majority of incidents taking place between West Houston Street and Union Square. As always, vigilance is key — many reported victims noted they were on their phones at the time of the attacks.


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