Big Apple Crunch 2017

Big Apple Crunch 2017: October 19th 

The Big Apple Crunch will be taking place around lunch time on October 19th. Schools, hospitals, businesses, and other institutions will all be participating in what is already becoming an annual fall tradition. Hundreds of thousands of people have already given a new meaning into taking a bite out of the Big Apple. This year, they hope to cross the two million and a half mark!

At its core, Big Apple Crunch is a celebration of the New York farming industry. The first edition of its kind took place in 2012. A non-for-profit organization called GrowNYC came up with the concept. Their mission was to create a fun and accessible event that would also raise awareness for National Food Day. Nowadays, Big Apple Crunch is also about taking a moment to appreciate locally-sourced foods. The farms in the sate of New York do a great job towards producing foods that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

There are two venues on the Upper West Side that will be hosting their own Crunch party:

 1.    Tucker Square Thursday Greenmarket

The Tucker Square Thursday Greenmarket is located at W. 66th street and Broadway. Unlike other open air markets, this one is open year-round. The vendors here sell fresh veggies including corn, greens, squash, and eggplant. You’ll also find tons of fruits including more than 80 varieties of apples. It’s the perfect stop to get all of your organic groceries without having to leave the neighborhood. Some of the New York Farms participating in this market include Baker’s Bounty, Body & Soul, Locust Grove Farms, and Millport Dairy.

2.   Columbia Thursday Greenmarket

The Columbia Thursday Greenmarket is located at Broadway between 114th and 116th streets. The market occupies the western stretch of the Columbia University campus. Due to it’s location, the vendors cater to college students, families, professors, and young professionals. A bunch of local New York farms also participate in this market year-round. For example, Ballard’s Honey supplies honey and bee pollen from Delaware County. Samascott Orchards supplies apples, cherries, strawberries, cider, and other fruits from Columbia County. Standard Farms also supplies vegetables, orchard fruit, and meat from Washington County.

The FarmOn! Foundation is the host of the Big Apple Crunch. This wonderful organization raises funds for youth educational programs around the US. Their goal is to send a positive message to young children about the importance of practicing good eating habits in our lives. By incorporating more fruits and veggies into our diets, we are improving our health while also helping the ecosystem. FarmOn! is also dedicated towards showcasing career opportunities available in the agricultural sector. They also work hard towards building a bridge of communication between rural and urban communities. Big Apple Crunch is also sponsored by the New York Apple Association and GrowNYC.

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