Boat Basin Bachata: Come Dancing! ¡Ven Bailar!

Partner up. Jorge Vera and Avi Ro invite you and your partner for Bachata dancing in the open air at the 79th Street Boat Basin.

“We tried a few places and found the floor here at the 79th Street Boat Basin to really work well for dancing,” said Jorge Vera, one of the organizers. A fresh breeze off the Hudson, Bachata music, and, under the arches from the late 1800s, surprisingly remarkable acoustics make for a Covid-19 cautious club scene. “We mix up the music a little bit, but we play 95% Bachata,” Jorge added.

Every Saturday, free lessons start the fun from 4 – 5pm. Then the floor is open and the dancing continues until 11pm. “So, come dancing,” they say welcomingly. “Bring yourself, a desire to learn and dance, your own water and hand sanitizer. And what you bring, you take away; no rubbish left behind. If you feel sick, relax at home and join us when you feel better.”

Feel the rhythm, dance, take in the sunset. ¡Ven bailar!

Classes are free and donation-based only –

Venmo: @SensualMovement

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