Book Culture Shopper Threatens to Call Immigration on Spanish Speaking Employee

  Last modified on January 21st, 2020

I was scrolling through Twitter late last night and noticed a pretty shocking Tweet from Book Culture.

After looking through some of the responses, it became pretty clear that this person did Book Culture a favor.

Lots of Twitter users replied by saying they’re now more encouraged than ever to give Book Culture business.

Others applauded the bookstore’s strong handling of the out-of-line customer.

After things calmed down, Book Culture Tweeted a grateful response:

Thank you all for your overwhelming response to our tweet from earlier. We couldn’t believe it either, and we’re glad to be a part of a city that doesn’t stand for that type of behavior. We’ll get back to the fun stuff now.


This unexpected occurrence comes amid ongoing financial struggles Book Culture has faced to stay in business.

On the evening on June 24th, Book Culture owner Chris Doeblin notified his customers that their four stores were in danger of closing.

On July 8th, he announced a goal of raising $750,000 from customers, which he would agree to repay with interest.

And as of today, Book Culture’s website indicates they’ve raised $304,500.

To stay on top of their progress, follow Book Culture on Facebook.

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