Booth Ferris Technology Grant Awarded to Riverside Park Conservancy

  Last modified on November 28th, 2019

The Riverside Park Conservancy has received a $200,000 grant from the Booth Ferris Foundation for park management technology.

The Booth Ferris grant will help fund the project management software purchase and setup for better management of the park, which will help sustain a real time overview of park projects’ status.  The funds will also be used to convert historical Excel data directly to maps and fund an manage general repairs.


The aim is that the project management system will help improve accountability for both the Parks Department and the residents of the Upper West Side. Real time tracking of projects and park information will help the Conservancy keep abreast of park operations at all times.

This new technology grant comes amidst an enormous reconstruction project in Riverside Park. Some of the areas the Riverside Park Conservancy will be working to improve include Crabapple Grove between 91st and 95th Streets, the Hudson River Greenway between 72nd and 83rd Streets, and along Riverside Drive between 122nd and 125th Streets. In addition, they’ve already begun remodeling the skate park on 108th Street. And as you all know by now, the Conservancy also hired a whole bunch of goats to eat away some of the invasive plants.

Upper West Side residents will be happy to know that money is going towards supporting management and repair of the park that many visit for their runs, bike rides and walks along the river.

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