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  Last modified on August 7th, 2018

Camp Topeinu is the ultimate NYC summer camp for toddlers and preschool children residing on the Upper West Side and surrounding communities. Each day, this preschool camp is packed with tons of recreational activities such as swimming, yoga, music and motion, nature with live animals and Supper Soccer Stars. The small group sizes help create a supportive environment where each child receives individualized attention. Learn more about the camp’s philosophy and their “Bring A Friend” special promotion by reading below!

NYC Summer Camp

Camp Topeinu is offering two sessions for this summer. The first session will take place from June 26th to July 19th while the second one starts on July 20th and ends on August 15th. Camp is in full swing during those dates except for July 4th and August 7th. Activities for the day commence at 9am in intervals of 35 minutes approximately. Each day is packed with tons of fun programs, recreational activities, and outdoor exercises. Campers are divided into different groups according to the grade they will be entering in the fall: Toddlers, Nursery, Pre-K, Kindergarten, or Pre-1. Camp gets out for the day at 3.30pm each day except for Fridays when dismissal’s at 2pm. This summer we have begun offering early drop-off at no additional charge beginning at 8:45AM for those parents that need to head out to work.

Summer Camps in NYC

Campers are divided into groups of different sizes according to their age. Each group is guided by a principal counselor and two junior counselors. However, some additional staff members are brought in for certain activities. There are eight spots available for the toddler group while there are approximately fifteen spots available per group for the three, four, and five year olds.

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At Camp Topeinu, children will get to experience the thrill of creating through participating in many unique hands-on activities that involve music, movement , storytelling, puppeteering, animals and art. Some of the activities take place outdoors so that campers can have fun under the summer sun while others take place in their fully air conditioned facility. The camp offers an instructional swim program“Take Me to the Water”, where the 4,5 and 6-year-olds will learn to swim their way across a pool with the help of a coach. Toddlers and younger children will also be able to get themselves wet each day by enjoying the front lawn’s sprinklers.

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The camp has a front lawn that resembles a large outdoor park and is padded with synthetic grass as a safety precaution. Counselors and staff also take campers on a short journey to Riverside Park so that they can enjoy the water features at Hippo Playground. The activities that take place indoors provide campers with a quick relief from the summer heat. The camp’s building is air-conditioned and staff ensure the environment remains cool throughout the day.

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Here’s a short description on some of the activities your child will participate in once they join Camp Topeinu this summer. In athletic programs such as “Super Soccer Stars”, they’ll learn the basics of soccer play through a series of engaging exercises. In “Explore!”, campers will use their curiosity to learn about the world through a variety of wild science projects. During “Play Me A Book”, they’ll help bring the pages of children’s book stories to life with the aid of costumes and special props. Other activities such as “Creative Movement” are designed to help them increase their gross motor skills. Campers will also get to bring out their inner artist during arts and crafts activities by designing a project based on a weekly theme.

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The camp has added a new and innovative program to there already action-packed summer. This summer each group will have a weekly activity called “Rhythm Drumming” where each camper will have their own drum and follow the instructor in creating music while using their listening and coordination skills.

The small group sizes at Camp Topeinu create a nurturing environment where each child is able to receive individualized attention. The counselors are experts in early childhood and elementary education. In fact, many of them work during the academic year as school teachers. Their mission is to make sure each child is enjoying the experience at all times.

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The meals served for lunch at Camp Topeinu are healthy, varied, kosher and nutritious. They are produced by a local catering company. On a daily basis, campers will get to eat green veggies, whole wheat bread, pasta, egg salads, and tuna. Meat is served once per week and pizza is reserved for Fridays as part of the Shabbat party.

Counselors and staff provide campers with light snacks (fruit, cookies and milk, chocolate puddings) early in the mornings and right before dismissal to keep their energy levels constant throughout the day. They also make sure each child stays hydrated by bringing water with them to all outdoor activities.

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Before camp starts for the summer, parents attend an orientation where they receive a complete schedule of each of the daily activities. During orientation, parents are also provided with a thorough group list containing the names and phone numbers of every camper in your child’s group. Orientation concludes with a review on dismissal procedures and an overview on the camp’s special events and weekly menus.

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The staff take security matters seriously and two trained security guards watch the entrance doors whenever camp’s in session. The building is equipped with surveillance cameras. The security guards make sure each and every visitor is screened before entering the building. The camp’s strict dismissal procedure also enhances security measures by only allowing individuals authorized by the child’s parents to come for pick-up. Transportation to and from Camp Topeinu is available for an additional fee for those campers who reside in Riverdale and the East Side.

Camp Topeinu is running a promotion called “Bring A Friend” for children who will be attending camp for the very first time this summer. Those first-time campers who bring a friend (or sibling) along with them who has also never attended camp before will qualify for a significant discount on the price of a full session. The promotion brings down the price to $2600 which amounts to total savings of over $400!

Camp Topeinu’s office is located at 346 W. 89th St. by Riverside Drive. For information on the summer camp programs and to learn more about their “Bring A Friend” promotion, please visit, call them at (212) 769-1790 x 210, or send an email over to

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