Candlestick Pilates Offers Virtual Classes

  Last modified on April 23rd, 2020

Candlestick Pilates is a boutique studio located on the parlor floor of a brownstone at 140 West 83rd Street. They are now offering virtual private and group sessions to keep their clients healthy and moving, with group Zoom classes available for just $20 per class.

Candlestick Pilates

Clients of Candlestick Pilates range in age from 13 to 87, and come in all shapes, sizes, skill levels and athletic abilities. They have clients who are pregnant and post-natal, who are living with Parkinson’s Disease and are cancer survivors.

At Candlestick Pilates, they teach classic Pilates and incorporate other modalities– including the MELT Method®, which is designed to get people out of pain and moving. The method, created by Sue Hitzmann, involves the use of props like specialized rollers to treat and support the connective tissue system to help provide natural pain relief of both chronic and temporary symptoms. Especially now, during quarantine, our bodies have different needs. The combination of  Pilates and MELT can address the common aches and pains associated with long periods of sitting and lack of physical routine.

“I love the MELT pilates model. Hallee, at Candlestick Pilates is a marvelous teacher and really understands the body. Her class is just as good as physical therapy and probably will prevent it in the future.”

– Customer Review on Candlestick Pilates’ FB page

Hallee Altman, the owner, originally launched her pilates business as The Center Studio in 2005 as a tenant at the JCC’s building on 76th and Amsterdam, where she also taught within the JCC’s fitness programs.

The Center Studio name lasted until 2019, when Hallee relocated her studio and her team to 83rd Street – officially launching Candlestick Pilates.

Since the coronavirus crisis began, Hallee has been able to keep all 10 of her staff employed and working to keep their clients moving and pain-free. They are ready to teach you via Zoom in your home today.

All of the instructors of Candlestick Pilates have completed a minimum of 600 hours of apprentice training and a comprehensive certification. Hallee encourages you to try multiple instructors to find the personality and teaching style that best fits your needs. They are ready to teach you at your own level, and you are welcome to start with a private session or class – whichever feels good and gets you moving.


  • 9:30am Wednesday “community” sessions are free
  • All other “Virtual” classes are $20
  • Private sessions are also available

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