CBD Shop To Open in Columbus Circle’s TurnStyle

  Last modified on November 29th, 2019

Brace yourselves: CBD shops are coming to the Upper West Side. New York City’s first CBD retail store, Come Back Daily, is opening a location in one of the biggest epicenters of foot traffic in Manhattan: the Turnstyle Underground Market in the 59th Street Columbus Circle subway station.

If you haven’t been living under a rock (sorry bugs), CBD is all the craze. It stands for cannabidiol, which is basically a (magical) naturally occurring chemical compound from the cannabis and hemp plant that makes you super Zen (and trendy, duh). It’s practically in everything: oils, creams, drinks, pet food, chocolate, etc. What’s next? CBD-infused light fixtures? CBD-infused toilet seat covers? That should actually should be a thing. You heard it here first.


What does this stuff do?

CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, allowing you to absorb the health benefits of cannabis without getting “high”. Come Back Daily’s mission is to bring awareness to the healing properties of cannabis through a variety of different products. This is the first experiential shop in the city, allowing customers a try-before-you-buy shopping experience. This goes down at their discovery bar, where shoppers can sample products.

Furthermore, they offer one of the most possibly relaxing things a stressful commuter could (and should) want in their life: a peaceful lounge area to relax and enjoy CBD infused coffees and sparkling beverages. Picture this: you just saw at least three rats, your train was delayed 45 minutes, and you touched something undeniably sticky by your seat (admit it, we’ve all been there). You go into Come Back Daily’s shop and slather yourself with some CBD-infused cooling cream + sip on some blissful cloud water (oh, that’s natural sparkling hemp water, AKA the liquid of dreams). Voila! You solved the cure for the other CBD: commuter blinding depression.

Come Back Daily joins the variety of independent shops, pop-ups, and vendors in the Turnstyle Market starting on September 6th.

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