Celebrate 30 Years of UWS Farmers Markets With An Interview: GreenFlea

  Last modified on August 6th, 2018

After celebrating its 30th year in business, The GreenFlee market–located on the 77th St. of the Upper West Side of Manhattan–continues to strive to please their neighborhood and consumers. Motivated by funding the local public schools of Manhattan, management levels remain enthusiastic about this type of venue.


GreenFlea Market

Vendor hours: 8:15 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Market hours: 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

UWS Farmers Markets

Fortunately, a journalistic interview with the Executive Director, Juli Ra shows positive results. Concluding several questions, this establishment plans on being around in the future to provide adequate spaces for vendors to supply the market that ‘has a large variety of antique, vintage, and artisan products’. This is what she said:


Spring is upon us! Celebrate by being present at GreenFlea!

GreenFlea’s indoor and outdoor markets are open Sundays; rain or shine or snow…all through the year!!  Every Sunday, 10am to 5:30pm

UWS Farmers Markets


Interviewer (Quintin Goynes): “Greatest strengths/Greatest weaknesses?”

Juli Ra (GreenFlee, Executive Manager: “People, kindness, attentiveness, variety/weather a major factor, not marketing enough, lagging in social media”


Interviewer (Quintin Goynes): “Which consumers does your business focus on attracting? ”

Juli Ra (GreenFlee, Executive Manager:) “Tourists and local residents”


Interviewer (Quintin Goynes): “Does your company have core values; social rules and responsibilities?”

Juli Ra (GreenFlee, Executive Manager): “Assist the community, all proceeds from the market after operations costs are passed on for the benefit of 4 public schools with their programming.”


Interviewer (Quintin Goynes): “When your company is at its best, what should consumers and investors notice from it?”

Juli Ra (GreenFlee, Executive Manager): “A fun place to be, a great place to shop knowing that by buying from the vendors, it ultimately helps thousands of grade and middle schools every year in the PS system.”


Interviewer (Quintin Goynes): “How is your business?”

Juli Ra (GreenFlee, Executive Manager): “Getting better, the market season is just getting started with better weather!!


Interviewer (Quintin Goynes): “Who does your company want customers to become?

Juli Ra (GreenFlee, Executive Manager: “Happy, satisfied, having had a great experience at the market.”


Interviewer (Quintin Goynes): “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Juli Ra (GreenFlee, Executive Manager: “Continue to be the best and largest Flea/antique/craft/food market in the 5 boroughs!”

UWS Farmers Markets


This honorable type of endeavor demonstrates extreme dedication to cooperating with the local Manhattan school district to assist with funding their Computer School (PS 87) and Anderson Program (PS 334). In  relation, computers are a part of the future. Popularly known by many, the GreenFlea venture has accumulated over $7,000,000 for the local public school project (i.e., Parents Association). Hats off and kudos to the Executive Director Juli Ra for efforts in communicating to the community while enjoying the weather changes.


GreenFlea Contact Information:

Julia Ra


100 West 77th St. NY, NY 10024



For those of you that desire to learn more about certain stories, please contact Quintin Goynes.


UWS Farmers Markets

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