Central Park Conservancy Politely Asks Dog Owners to Behave

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Due to an increased number of dogs off-leash during on-leash hours — and of dogs playing in prohibited areas — the Central Park Conservancy has launched a new campaign which aims to get dog owners to comply with the rules.


New signage — which reads “Dogs must be leashed 9:00am-9:00pm,” with a QR code directing people to https://www.centralparknyc.org/activities/guides/dogs — has been placed at:

  • Pilgrim Hill: 5th Avenue and (north of) 72nd Street, near Conservatory Waters
  • Cedar Hill: landscapes southwest of 5th Avenue and 79th Street
  • West 86th – 90th Street Lawns and Landscapes
  • The Ramble: middle of Central Park from 73rd – 79th streets

The Conservancy has started to spread the message on social media, too, with additional reminders to clean up after your dogs and to make sure they don’t hurt other animals or damage property.

“This awareness campaign is being done with the community’s safety and enjoyment in mind,” the Conservancy states. “We want Park visitors to feel welcome to bring their dogs while being responsible while doing so. For more information, we have a helpful Dog Owner’s Guide to Central Park for details on when and where dogs can be off leash in the Park, locations of dog-friendly drinking fountains, and other essential information for dog owners to practice being good Park community members.”

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