Central Park Taekwondo Summer Camp

  Last modified on July 31st, 2018


Every day we embark on a new adventure at CPTKD Summer Camp. Students have the opportunity to explore a multitude of activities that help build confidence, express creativity, and cultivate long lasting friendships. Students will be able to get inventive with arts and crafts, play games in Central Park, and take Taekwondo lessons with our enthusiastic instructors. Not only are the day’s events varied, but each week has a unique, fun theme. From superhero week to water week, there’s something here for everyone.

Our summer camp program is an enjoyable way for students of all levels to learn the meaning of the tenants of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirt. Our instructors ensure that all students are on the same page and enjoying their Taekwondo experience when they come to camp. Students learn self-defense, kicks, punches, and even do board breaks! No matter how much or little experience your child has, our goal is to make sure they come away from our classes feeling confident and empowered!

In addition to our summer camp, we also offer our regular membership throughout the summer. We offer free trials for kids to make sure that our school is the perfect fit before you commit. We also have memberships available to teens and adults! Central Park Taekwondo is dedicated to making sure kids of all ages have a fun, safe summer. Join us and learn what it means to be a martial artist!

For more information on enrolling, check out the website here!

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