Children Have Been Stealing From NYC Bars

Amsterdam Ale House NYC

Children are allegedly stealing from a series of New York City bars, including Amsterdam Ale House at 340 Amsterdam Avenue (at 76th St.), which was recently victimized by a boy no older than 10, according to a New York Post report.


What’s more, they are harassing and mouthing off to employees mid raid, with Amsterdam Ale House owner Jacob Rabinowitz telling the Post a recent thief “said he was going to beat my ass” after Rabinowitz chased the boy away.

“The police can’t arrest me,” the boy allegedly told Rabinowitz. “I’m just a kid.”

The young thieves have been running rampant across the city with reports of burglaries coming from multiple bars throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Another Upper West Side bar, The Upside at 588 Amsterdam (at 89th St.), had $600 reportedly stolen from a safe by a child on August 13. Chick Chick on W. 90th St., Lexington Publick on the UES, and Stone Street Tavern in the Financial District have also reported recent incidents.

According to another Post report, the kids initially ask for money for their sports teams. And on multiple occasions, adults have been observed waiting outside.

“When they go out, there’s either a man or a woman waiting for them and directing,” Rabinowitz said.

A particularly brazen incident occurred earlier this year at Amsterdam Ale House when a pair of kids stole items from unattended bags. The pair reportedly then stole food off a table, pushed a customer and wielded a knife before punching the bar manager.

“I went to escort him out and he cursed at me,” the manager, Whitney Kaufman, told the Post. “The 8-year-old turned around and said to me, ‘I don’t have to do anything you say fat lady’ and punched me in the stomach.”


The thieves have also targeted employee offices, often entering establishments and heading straight for the basement.

child stealing from nyc bar lexington publick

A child caught on surveillance cameras on the staircase to the basement at Lexington Publick, located at 97th and Lexington Avenue

Here, he can be seen making sure the coast is clear.

A police spokesperson told the Post they were investigating the recent incidents, but Rabinowitz expressed frustration with a lack of progress.

“We small business owners are feeling overwhelmed by this constant barrage of petty theft,” Rabinowitz said. “It seems impossible to keep them away, and it’s frustrating that nothing is being done about it.”


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