College Living on the Upper West Side

  Last modified on March 13th, 2020

It’s about that time of year when college students are getting ready to wrap up the school year. That also means summer school is right around the corner and fall semester is close behind. If you’re taking classes at one of New York City’s many prestigious and gorgeous college campuses, now’s the time to start investigating your shared housing options. Housing goes fast in NYC (like same-day fast), so there’s no time to waste. With that said, there’s no reason why you should settle on an apartment you don’t love — the neighborhood and the person you live with will make all the difference. If you’re looking at Upper West Side colleges, you ought to  consider some Upper West Side apartments! The famous NYC neighborhood is one of the coolest spots in the city. Here are five reasons why the UWS is perfect for college students.



  1.  It’s Close to School

Upper West Side Colleges

Columbia, Fordham and City College students, rejoice! The Upper West Side is just a hop, skip and a jump away from three of NYC’s main universities. Renting on the UWS means you’ll be in class on time and back home quickly after late-night study sessions. And its close proximity to the various colleges means you’re likely to meet fellow students in the neighborhood. A good way to make pals in NYC, right? (Here are some other tips to grow your inner circle in the city.)


  1. It’s Cheaper Than Other Manhattan Neighborhoods


More than one celeb has called the Upper West Side home, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford it. In fact, the UWS is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan for roommates. A recent report even showed that rent throughout the year stayed pretty stable month-to-month in the UWS, whereas many Manhattan neighborhoods saw considerable fluctuations with the season.


  1. It’s Gorgeous

Upper West Side Colleges

One of the best things about NYC is its rich history, and a lot of its architecture reflects that. One glance at block lined with century-old buildings, and you’ll feel like you’re traveling back to NYC’s glamourous age. There’s nothing like the charm of NYC’s pre-war brownstones and walk-ups. And living in one is a quintessential New Yorker experience.


  1. It’s Full of Things to Do

From world-class museums (American Museum of Natural History, New-York Historical Society) to Central Park and so much more, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have a boring weekend here, with or without your roommate.


  1. It’s Highly Accessible

Whether you’re a student elsewhere in the city or you just love frolicking throughout The Big Apple (and who doesn’t?), the UWS is at the cross-section of multiple major subway lines, meaning you can get around in a zip. The red (1, 2, 3), blue (A,C) and orange (B,D) all run through the UWS and connect in major stations like Times Square, Penn Station and Bryant Park, where you can transfer to other trains.

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Upper West Side Colleges

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